Thursday, August 05, 2021

Parking Lot Striping


Paint Design LLC Parking Lot Striping


If your business provides parking for customers, the layout and traffic flow of your parking lot is very important.  Poor layout could result in chaos, accidents, or even fines imposed on the business owner. 

Other factors to consider when striping a parking lot are color choice, stall size and condition of the surface to be striped. So before you pick up a spray can or call someone without experience, call Paint Design, LLC.

Paint Design, LLC uses only the finest recommended paints per surface, and are experts in the laws that govern parking lot dimensions and design. For new or resurfaced parking lots, we will analyze your parking lot to outline the best layout for your traffic flow using legal guidelines. For older and existing lots, we will evaluate the current condition of the surface to be painted and suggest any repairs that should be made before striping is done. 

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