Thursday, August 05, 2021

Interior Painting

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The interior of your home or business defines your taste, mission and personality.  Color choice is very important to that message and can change the mood of a room. When deciding to paint the interior of your home or building, it is very important to choose your paint colors wisely and to hire a professional painter that can take the stress out of the job.

Paint Design, LLC is a skilled, professional painting company that has over 20 years experience. If you have a room that needs to be re-energized, refreshed or just completely made over, we can help you accomplish that goal with little stress on your part.

Many factors are involved in painting a room beyond choosing paint color and rolling it on the walls.  Walls need to be repaired for any damage, nail holes, or rough spots before painting. Sheetrock and Trim Repair may be necessary in some cases.  Depending on required repairs and the condition of the old paint, most walls will have to  be primed.  Ceilings, trim and doors also need to be considered when making over a room.  This fine work is where most novice painters lose patience and their inexperience is shown.

Paint Design, LLC takes pride in the fine details.  We are detailed oriented and strive for customer satisfaction with every job.  We are a full service company prepared to tackle not only your painting needs, but also all repairs needed before painting.  We offer free estimates and color consultation software to help you plan your painting projects.

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