Thursday, August 05, 2021

Exterior Painting

Paint Design, LLC can help transform  the exterior of your building. How does the world perceive you?  Whether you own a home or a business, your property is viewed by the rest of the world.  Is the exterior of your property saying the right thing about you? 

If not, Paint Design, LLC can help you make the exterior of your property something you can be proud to show the world or at least your neighbors or customers.  We specialize in exterior painting services and are skilled at painting on any surface including concrete, metal, brick, and stucco.  We can transform your house, deck, or driveway into a work of art at an affordable price.

 Exterior painting is very different from painting the inside of your house. There is more prep work to consider and all surfaces require different amounts of preparation and paint.  Surfaces may need to be pressure washed and sanded, caulked, covered, or primed.

Another factor that affects exterior paint is outside temperature and humidity.  Depending on the type of paint, temperatures Paint Design, LLC specializes in exterior painting servicesthat are too hot or cold affect drying time and can cause serious flaws that may need to be sanded, re-primed and repainted.

If the exterior of your property needs attention, then turn to the experience, knowledge, and skill of Paint Design, LLC.  Don't trust your home or business to an inexperienced handyman.  We offer free estimates, and color analysis software.

Contact Paint Design, LLC today for a free quote!