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Commercial Services

Paint Design LLC can transform your ugly business



   Your business is your lifeline and customer perception can affect your business dramatically.  Clients and Customers form an opinion of your service from the moment they enter your place of business.  Does your business send the right message?


Exterior Painting

Paint Design, LLC can help transform  the exterior of your building. How does the world perceive you?  Whether you own a home or a business, your property is viewed by the rest of the world.  Is the exterior of your property saying the right thing about you? 

If not, Paint Design, LLC can help you make the exterior of your property something you can be proud to show the world or at least your neighbors or customers.  We specialize in exterior painting services and are skilled at painting on any surface including concrete, metal, brick, and stucco.  We can transform your house, deck, or driveway into a work of art at an affordable price.


Interior Painting

Paint Design LLC Interior Paint Residential Commercial

The interior of your home or business defines your taste, mission and personality.  Color choice is very important to that message and can change the mood of a room. When deciding to paint the interior of your home or building, it is very important to choose your paint colors wisely and to hire a professional painter that can take the stress out of the job.

Paint Design, LLC is a skilled, professional painting company that has over 20 years experience. If you have a room that needs to be re-energized, refreshed or just completely made over, we can help you accomplish that goal with little stress on your part.


Parking Lot Striping


Paint Design LLC Parking Lot Striping


If your business provides parking for customers, the layout and traffic flow of your parking lot is very important.  Poor layout could result in chaos, accidents, or even fines imposed on the business owner. 

Other factors to consider when striping a parking lot are color choice, stall size and condition of the surface to be striped. So before you pick up a spray can or call someone without experience, call Paint Design, LLC.


Pressure Washing

Pressure WashingPaint Design LLC  Pressure Washing is a quick and easy way to restore beauty to your deck, house, building, sidewalks, parking lots, outdoor furniture, and pretty much anything that is outdoors and can get wet. It uses the process of compressed air and your basic garden hose to instantly scrub grime off the item that is being sprayed. It's like a cleaning superhero.


Residential Services

Paint Design LLC services residential paint customers in Eastern North and South CarolinaHomeownership has many responsibilities that can be overwhelming for property owners.  Your home is your escape from the outside world.  It should provide you with peace and tranquility and represent to the world your personality and style.  However, if your home is in need of repair, it is not providing you with peace but additional stress.

Paint Design, LLC can help take that stress away and give you back the tranquility you and your home deserves.


Paint Design LLC Sheetrock Repair

Sheetrock and Trim Repair

Leaking roof?  Sleepover for your daughter's cheerleading squad? Office party?   The culprit could be any of the above, but the result is the same.  Damaged sheetrock in need of repair.  Whether you have a few simple nail holes that need to be covered or a hole the size of a softball... repairing sheetrock takes knowledge, experience, and skill.


Wallpaper Removal

Paint Design LLC can take the headache out of wallpaper removal

Wallpaper Removal can be one of the trickiest do-it-yourself repairs that homeowners attempt to tackle.  Unless you are an experienced contractor, save yourself the headache and hire an expert.


Water Sealing

Paint Design, LLC can protect with water sealing. Your property is important and deserves to be protected.  Whether you have an old deck, new deck, concrete, or basement.  Water sealing is essential in protecting your property.

Paint Design, LLC is experienced and qualified to perform all of your water sealing needs.  We are knowledgeable on all types of surface requirements and products.



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